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Well-established Partenrship with qualified suppliers concernig:

  • Working of Bodies

Our suppliers boast a thirty-year experience in the technical and mechanical field.
Thanks to the strong business expansion they made important investments.
Their production plants include machine centres Makino, Mazak and Mori Seiki.

Both Companies have inside a Standard Room.
A double air-conditioning system preserves the right temperature and dampness for the measuring and guarantees the perfect functionality inside the required parameters. (18°-22°C-1°C/h-2°C/24h).            
The instruments are composed by a measuring machine DEA GLOBAL STATUS and DEA GLOBAL IMAGE, digital altimeter on granite plane, series of micrometers for inside and outside, set of reaming meters, about 600 buffers pass/ not pass threaded and smooth parts of different size, profilometers, graded lens, electronic buffers and MARPOSS studs for the control in the production, thousandth digital heads for the measure of precision boring parts, control system for instruments calibration with method “Gage R&R” repeatability and reproducibility to test the suitability of an instrument at the measuring of a fixed dimension and control of the processes through the statistic elaboration of data collected directly in production.

In 2003 and in 2005 the DNV Institute certified the quality system of our two suppliers in compliance with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2000”.

Working of Bodies 01 Working of Bodies 02 Working of Bodies 03

  • Working of the gears

Throughout its history ( 40 years ) our supplier has increasingly turned its enforcement activities of turning components, specializing in running gear for hydraulic pumps for the industrial sector, automotive, earthmoving, automation.
The company also has followed the policy itself to customers as a leader committed in the management of details. So it has significantly developed the capacity to manage, so completely autonomous, committed to providing full by taking the management of material needed by working and complementary activities which further machining, heat treatment.
The production plant includes a lot of tourning machines, toothing machines and grinding machines.
All the gears supplies are accompanied by steel characteristics certifies, treatment certify and certify of conformity.

  Working of the gears 01 Working of the gears 02 Working of the gears 03 Working of the gears 04 Working of the gears 05 Working of the gears 06

  • Estruded bars for bodies

One supplier that went into production with their first unfinished aluminium products in May 1968, investing twenty years of experience developed in the light alloy sector.

The production structure comprises the foundry and the production plant of the semi- finished aluminium products, with a workforce of about 400 employees, the company being built on an area covering a total of 270.000 sq.m.

With its four 1,600, 2,800, 3,000 and 3,500 ton. presses whom, very soon, a new 5,500 ton. press will be added to, the Company is at the forefront in the production of bars, tubes and profiles made of different aluminium alloys.

Round, square, hexagonal, flat, extruded and drawn bars represent its wide range of products, starting from the most widespread alloys up to the more recent "ecological" types, in compliance with the most restrictive requirements of the European directives RoHS (2002/95/EC) and ELV (2000/53/EC).

The quality of the extruded product is guaranteed through the use of rigid dimensional controls and analysis of the chemical composition and mechanical characteristics of the material.

The Company is, in fact, equipped with modern analysis and testing laboratories all using up-to-date control equipments.
All the plants are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 quality systems and ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification.
The maximum attention that this Company pays to the protection of the environment is clearly shown in ISO 14001 certification, which has been obtained in 2008.


  • Bushings

The bushings of group 1 gear pumps and motors and flow dividers are supplied by GGB which is a market leader: (  www.ggbearings.com )


  • Assembling and testing

Products assembling takes place inside the plant of OT OilTechnology and 100% products testing is made on automatic and modern test benches.

All the gear pumps for example are tested with standard testing cycles that include an initial flushing, a few testing ramps up to the maximum pressure P2, check of the volumetric efficiency at the working pressure P1 and final flushing phase at variable speed.

Customized testing cycles available on demand.

On request OT OilTechnology can supply a Certificate of Conformity related to the shipping batch.

Assembling and testing 01
The Company 02 The Company 03 The Company 04

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